We Rise and Fall

Working on Kickked, creating a worldwide image.

Anything that big comes with it's wins and losses. 

However we always stuck to our word and kept it going, no matter how hard things got. We are on the rise after the big fall. We will continue to grow as much as we can and then grow till we're known worldwide. 

The Fall: Customers with lack of patience.

The reason why we fell off in the middle.
We curate your shoes one by one. Art takes time. Most people do not understand that. These shoes are made to order and not factory made.
It takes time, it takes utilities, man-power and effort. We try to price our shoes in the best and most reasonable amounts. So if your shoes are a bit late please don't be alarmed, they are being made and they will be shipped to you.
Banks started shutting us down due to customers not contacting us and filing disputes with their banks for product not received after we sent the shoes out. We've lost more than we made and it's sad because we literally do this for you. We want to be known worldwide. So before you make bold moves, please contact us we will do our best to help you.
The Rise: As we continue to grow and prosper, our job becomes harder. We work day and night, supplying your demands and we barely take anything home. Sooner or later we will be bringing in new innovations to this brand. 
From shoe restoration, to designing your own shoes, custom made to order shoes with luxurious materials of your choice ex. Snakeskin, Tiger fur, Genuine Italian Leather, etc.. We will also use genuine brand products such as Gucci Handbags, belts, wallets to merge the material with the shoe.

Custom made to order kicks will start at: $3,500.00

However thats for 2019. Right now we're hiring more designers, upgrading our designs and becoming better in every way possible.

Our current iOS & Android app monthly users add up to a little bit over 10,000 people and we would like to increase it to 50,000.

If you have not downloaded our app yet. Click here.

Our email list is at a outstanding number of 40,000+ subscribers and if you're not subscribed, do it. You'll get amazing deals on our kicks, info about company changes and knowledge to early releases and pre-orders.

You guys have helped us grow, we will give back. Have some faith in us and keep us going. We all care for you individually and respect you for bringing us this far. Lets keep going and moving.
We'll make it happen together.

The Kickked® Team.

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