Designers Are Needed

So in the late 2017 time we started hiring designers. We currently have about 13 active designers that are at service.

As things begin to grow, more supply is needed. We are hiring full-time or part-time shoe designers that are willing to present their passion to the world and make money doing it.

We want your creativity and want you to fuse your artwork in the soles of people across the globe.

If you design shoes, or have a passion for creating custom shoes. Send us some pictures of your work, we'll get you going.

We will supply you with the shoes, you work from your own home with your own supplies. Ship it out to the customers and make up to $95+ per pair. 

Our business layout is pretty simple. We have the 13 designers around the USA 6 of them in LA. We ship the shoes out to them and they customize the shoe and send it directly to the customer. This keeps the layout simple and effective. If you're really interested in working with us, email us. We'll get you started.

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